Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hello all! It has been a crazy last month so not much crafting has gone on....which means it is time to kick it into gear!
I have recently left my full time job to pursue my photography and for lack of a better word, I have been SLAMMED!!!  THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!!
Being a photographer has inspired me to now start a new segment on the blog:
  MOMtographer Monday! I hear the craziest things from families and children during their session and thought....WHYNOT?! add it, if I laugh my butt off, I am sure others out there would too! Every Monday, I will post some of the things I hear from these amazing little people and the big ones who take care of them!

Today, we are snowed in....after yesterday being 60 degrees out! Welcome to the Good Life!
This is what we had going today...enjoy the photo-op!

Read the new segment tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why am I starting a blog? Is it that I have tons of affordable DIY craft ideas prancing around in my head? Not really, but I do find that affordable is the name of my game. So here goes my blogging journey! CHEERS!

 I never know what to say about myself, so I will just spew some random facts: 

This is ME! 

  • My name is Nicole and I own Emi-Lou Photography ( shameless plug)! My passion is photography. I enjoy that I can look at a scenic landscape and see beauty or see a sheepish grin formed by my ever-so-perfect daughter and be able to capture it to always make me smile.Although I love just about ANYTHING crafty and creative, my favorite creative outlet is photography.  I started capturing memories to get back in touch with my creative side, turns out I, even like my art :-)
  • I was born in Northern California and lived there until I was 8, when I moved to Missouri and landed smack dab in the middle of the country, Nebraska, where I reside now.
  • I am married to a great man who supports all of my matter how off the wall they seem at the time.
  • My daughter was born 2 months premature and we spent a good stint of time in the NICU. You will notice that my favorite color (as well as my daughter even though she is merely a toddler) is BOLD PURPLE. It represents Preemie Power and it is more than just a color to us.
  • I am a humanitarian. I am humble. I am grateful for what I have, no matter how large or small it is.  I believe that what you do for others, comes back to you (although it is not the main intention). I aspire to be the person who offers the hand up, not the hand out. If I can do it, you can too!
  • Some of my BEST friends are people, I have never even met in person. <3 my llamas!
  • My challenge for myself is to finish what I start this year, so far-so good!
  • I love nuts. I could eat them all day, everyday (especially pistachios). 

My inspiration is my daughter, Nola (totally named her after New Orleans). Turns out she really is a jazzy, soulful little firecracker. Her signature is the "nose scrunch" or "stink face." Through out the blog, you will likely see several of these:

Turns out she is like her mother with a little sassy and smart-assy attitude! (Yea, yea, I said it).

I HOPE AFTER THIS, YOU CONTINUE FOLLOWING! I am super excited to start #1 on my 583934905489 list of DIY always- ON A BUDGET!